The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be. - Konrad Lorenz

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there.
Billy Graham

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” - Anatole France

Friday, April 20, 2012


Here's our new house.  It's taking forever for Mom and Dad to unpack everything.  So we'll have to show you all our favorite spots later.  We get 3 or 4 deer in our back yard everyday.  The bottom picture is a view of the back yard from our bedroom window.  See the 3 deer?  Me and Dixie want to chase them around and play with them.

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Lovable Lily said...

What a beautiful new home you gots going on over there! I love your back yard. Reminds me of ours. We have a family of deer at our house. The mostest we've seen at one time is 12. We also got fox, coyote, wild turkey and a ton of squirrels too! You're gonna have the best time chasing after all the animals. Just remember to stay away from those that are BIGGER than you!

Lily Belle